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The Home Closing Process

A buyer has fallen in love with your home, made an acceptable offer and completed the home inspection process. Now it's time for the closing, where you will transfer ownership of the property to the buyer, fully pay off any mortgages, and receive your sales proceeds. After a completed closing, you are no longer the owner of the property and will relinquish possession of the home by giving the buyer all keys, garage door openers and any other home system devices.

A closing agent from the title or real estate company typically runs the proceedings and prepares all of the paperwork ahead of time. Unlike the buyer, a seller may or may not need to attend, as they can often sign the deed and other transfer documents ahead of time.

For further information on the home closing process in Chattanooga, TN, please contact a Fletcher Bright Realty agent today.

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Agency License Information: Licensed in Tennessee and Georgia

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